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Hover Electric Technology belongs to Hover Group™ who established in 2004, a group committed to printing and stamping metals project solutions and ODM. After more than 10 years of efforts, we have six factories in Guangdong, including SZ LLS Tech Co.,Ltd, DG YF Metal Co.,Ltd, DG JG Electronics Co.,Ltd, DG JXi Electronic Co.,Ltd, DG WF Electronics Co.,Ltd and SZ CMT Electronic Co.,Ltd. Total plant area is over 50,000㎡. We have over 700 employees in Dong Guan and 200 in Shen Zhen. Since only three teamates, Hover has built a 42 technical R&D engineer team.

Our products and designs are widely used in smart cell phone, automotive instrumentation, air conditioning, communication equipment, toys, medical equipment and other fields, containing membrane switch,membrane label, metal nameplate, metal dome, poly dome, LGF(Light Guide Film),BLU(Back Light Unit), FPC, Flex PCB and so on. Adhering to the quality concept & win-win situation, we have won many cooperation with world famous enterprises, such as Coca Cola, Mattel,Casio, Bosch, VTech, Linak, ABB, Huawei, BBK, Vivo, Oppo,  Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, Acer, Msi, Dell, Visteon, Valeo, Toshiba etc.

- In 2000, Mr.Hu established the electronics R&D team in H.K.
- In April 2004, Hu & his team registered the first China mainland company named JXi in producing metal dome and poly dome for smart phone companies.
- JXi passed the ISO9001:2000 certification in August 2004.
- In 2005, JXi built the LGF R&D and silicone keypad R&D to satisfy customers’ requirement.
- In 2005, to satisfy nameplate requirements of HP and Canon, DG YF Metals established. 
- In 2006,JXi patented of 5 points metal dome and others. In July of the same year, JXi passed the GB/T24001:2004 certification.
- In October 2007, Taipei MES Research Department established.
- In 2008, the 3rd factory CMT established in Shenzhen and focused on PCB/FPC R&D and production. CMT passed the ISO9001:2008 certification in December.
- The 5th factory JG established in 2010, which is a membrane switch manufacturer located in the China biggest 3C products industrial park, Qingxi Town.
- In February 2012, Hover separated the international business division and establish Hover Electric Technology Company Limited in Hong Kong.
- In May of 2012,  DG WF Electronics was built to offer lens.
- At the middle of 2012,  SZ LLS Tech was built to offer Smartphone components.
- Hover ET built own R&D team and Customer Service teams in Dong Guan on October 24th, 2012.
- JXi realized the full automation of production of metal dome, poly dome, membrane switch, LGF and BLU.
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Hover Electric Technology belongs to Hover Group who established in 2004, a group committed to printing andstampingmetalsproject solutions and ODM. After more than 10 years of efforts, we havesix factories in Guangdong, including SZ LLS TechCo.,Ltd, DG YF MetalCo.,Ltd, DG JGElectronics Co.,Ltd, DG J...

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