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For near 20 years, Hover has supplied membrane switches for a wide variety of applications, such as medical, industrial, appliances, food service machines, testing equipment and many more.

All membranes are customized and made with advanced technology. We strive to bring you the best value for your membrane switch needs.

Our membrane switches are 100% tested in-house.
Life cycle testing up to 1,000,000 actuations.

We offer the following options for membrane switches:

  • Poly Dome Membrane Keypads
  • Rail and Pillow Emboss
  • Stainless Steel Tactile Domes
  • Rubber Keypads
  • Rigid Backers
  • PEM Inserts
  • Female and Male Connectors
  • Zif Connector
  • Clear and Tinted See
  • Trough Windows
  • Selective UV Texture
  • Chemical and Scratch Resistant
  • Best Adhesives (Authorized 3M Converter)
  • State of the Art Color Matching Equipment
  • Automatic S.M.T. LED Pick & Place

Materials used for membrane switches:

  • Polyester and Polycarbonate Films
  • UV Exposure
  • Outdoors Environments
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Hardcoated Films
  • Flame Retardant Films
  • Gloss / Gloss
  • Velvet / Matte
  • Velvet / Gloss
  • Antiglare (Different Grades of Gloss)

Printing process:

  • Screenprinting Process
  • Digital Printing

Lead time for prototypes – 1 week


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